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I am having back pain since last couple of days. After doing exercise, it goes away. As my work profile includes sitting for long hours. Do i need to take any special care or do some X-Ray or check-up. Please suggest.



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Back pain is a very common among young adults like you. The main risk factors are stressful job, sedentary life style, overweight, smoking etc. It is very important to avoid these risk factors. 

In most of the cases the signs and symptoms clear up on their own and does not need any specific treatment. The back ache may be severe intermittently and may need some analgesic with or without muscle relaxant to get relieved. Regular stretch exercises and physiotherapy with proper posture helps in avoiding these acute episodes. 

Other uncommon causes may be related to disc between the bones and vertebral bone itself. I would request you to get regular exercises( even during your work you need to stretch your spine/back at least once in one hour to avoid spasm) and consult a orthopedist for clinical evaluation if the symptom is severe.



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