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If I am storing the chord of a child in LifeCell then whether it can be used in any critical disease eg. Cancer, Partial Blindness etc. If Yes, then whether its successful and how it is treated. Can you please explain us so that I can take decision to keep the child chord in Lifecell or not?

Answered by Dr. Binoy Shankar (PEDIATRICIAN)


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Definitely yes. Now a days when you get this facility and you can also afford it well, you should definitely go for umbilical cord stem cell preservation.

There are so many companies and they have different packages to attract the customers. Some of them provide preservation of placenta too. There are so many diseases like blood related disorders, spinal injury etc where already successful treatment has been done with help of stem cells.Still various researches are in pipeline for many other diseases.

So I would suggest you to go for umbilical cord cell preservation without any hesitation.



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