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I am 35 years old. i am taking taking thyrox 75 mg for more than 4 years. before that i was taking 50 mg. I have recently done thyroid profile test but i have taken thyrox 75mg approx 2 hours before giving the blood test. in the test result T3 is 1.20 ng/dl, T4 is 10.26 ug/dl and TSH is 8.23uiU/ml. Please suggest what to do as TSH is more than normal limit.

Answered by Dr. Pradeep Jain (PEDIATRICIAN)

Hello Mam

Thanks for asking on askncure

I have read the query and do understand your concern. Firstly I want to tell you that whether you take T4(Thyroxine tablet) right before your lab tests or haven’t taken it for up to 48 hours, your TSH value should be the same. Thus, you will get an accurate representation of your TSH value whether or not you take your T4 medication before a lab test.This is because T4(Thyroxine tablet) has a slow and steady release and won’t produce many peaks or troughs.

Now coming to second part of your query; the value of TSH is mildly raised while the serum value of T3 and T4 is within normal range. In this condition I would like to continue with the same dose and to get a repeat test done after one month.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have any more doubt.You may ask me question personally through the paid service(Here you will also get the benefits of asking follow up questions and attaching the reports)

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