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Dr. Abhinav Agrawal, 14 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& M.D.
Purnia, Bihar, India
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Dr. Raj, 19 Years Experience
B.D.S& M.D.S.
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Dr. Dr Sanjay Kumar, 12 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& M.D.
Tuberculosis, chest and diabetes
PATNA, Bihar, India
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Dr. Bhagyesh Patel, 20 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& M.S.
consultant surgeon
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
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Dr. Dr.Anamika Jain, 6 Years Experience
Dist kanker, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Dr. GOURI SHANKAR MISHRA, 15 Years Experience
NEW DEKLHI, Delhi, India
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Dr. Abhinav Agarwal, 12 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& M.D.
Pediatric cardiologist
Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Dr. Rabbanie Wani, 8 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& M.D.
SRINAGAR, Jammu and Kashmir, India
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Dr. Nasim Ahmad, 13 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& D.A.
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
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Dr. Dr.RK Singh, 27 Years Experience
M.B.B.S.& D.N.B.
New Born and Child Specialist, Skin and Hair problem, Neurological problem,
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Q. If I am storing the chord of a child in LifeCell then whether it can be used in any critical disease
Asked On : 29-05-2017 No of views : 422

HelloThanks for choosing ANC Definitely yes. Now a days when you get this facility and you can also afford it well, you should definitely go for umbilical cord stem cell preservation.There are so ...

Answered by Dr. Binoy Shankar
Q. I am 35 years old. i am taking taking thyrox 75 mg for more than 4 years. before that i was taking 5
Asked On : 25-05-2017 No of views : 402

Hello MamThanks for asking on askncureI have read the query and do understand your concern. Firstly I want to tell you that whether you take T4(Thyroxine tablet) right before your lab tests or haven†...

Answered by Dr. Pradeep Jain
Q. i am 23 yeras old i am suffering from pimples on mouth please give advice for specific medicine with
Asked On : 26-02-2017 No of views : 418

Hello,Thanks for choosing this platform,pimples are the common problem with people having oily skin , wash your face often with  face wash recommended for oily skin, drink plenty of water and eat ...

Answered by Dr. Shrishti jain
Q. Whenever I work for more than 2 hours in continuous then I am having pain in right hand. What should
Asked On : 29-12-2016 No of views : 1106

HiPain following continuous work can be due to spasm or easy fatigability of the hand muscles. The best way is to relax your hand in between and avoid prolonged use. I would like to know if the pain i ...

Q. I am having back pain since last couple of days. After doing exercise, it goes away. As my work prof
Asked On : 28-12-2016 No of views : 456

HelloWelcome to ANC platformBack pain is a very common among young adults like you. The main risk factors are stressful job, sedentary life style, overweight, smoking etc. It is very important to avoi ...


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