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Diarrhea in kids

Article by Dr.Pradeep Jain

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How to avoid Diarrhea

Three ĎCís to avoid Diarrhea; Clean hands, Clean container and Clean environment are the key messages.

Proper emphasis need to be taken for maintaining sanitation and hygiene. Hand should be washed and dried with clean towel/paper towel, before giving food to the baby. The dishes used for giving food should be clean and free from contamination. Keeping the environment clean is another strategy to achieve the desired goals. Wet mopping of floor twice a day prevents diarrhea. Everything that goes into the mouth must be clean.

Doís and doníts when suffering from Diarrhea

Diarrhea leads to loss of fluid from the body. So, it is important to give enough amount of fluid to keep the child hydrated. It is dehydration not diarrhea which is the main culprit for deterioration in condition. Always use ORS(oral rehydration solution) and better avoid homemade salt sugar solution(SSS), as too much of salt and sugar is dangerous for children. Watch for signs of dehydration like sunken eyeballs/thirst, decreased urinary frequency and irritability or poor general activity. Replace the amount of water lost in diarrhea. Use medicines for diarrhea only after doctorís consultation(Zinc needs to be given). Continue breast feeding during diarrhea. Diarrhea is never worsened by giving food and stopping food and fluids in diarrhea is the worst treatment. Never get worried for duration of loose stool as it may take 5-7 days for the stool pattern to get normal.

When you must visit pediatrician in case of diarrhea

If you notice that the child is abnormally irritable/lethargic, has decreased oral acceptance, decreased urine output or in case of recurrent vomiting; consult your pediatrician immediately.



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