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Breast feeding

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How to do Breast feeding

Baby should be put straight to the mother breast as soon as mother gets recovered from fatigue of the labor. First feed should be given within 30 minutes of normal delivery and 4 hours of caesarian.

The colostrum (milk secretion during first 3 days of lactation) must never be discarded as it is rich in energy proteins and antibodies. It is considered even as first vaccine as it provides immunity to the baby.

Colostrum is thick, yellow milk which produced in small quantity. The physiological inadequacy of milk during initial days should never be considered an excuse for the supplementation with other feeds. The new born baby has large amount of fluid and enough energy and that help them in coping from physiological inadequacy of milk during initial days. The mother must be explained in detail and reassured that sucking is the best stimulus for milk production and small amount of concentrated milk (colostrum) is adequate for the baby during early days. Introduction of supplemental feeds leads to refusal on the part of baby, decreased stimulus to the mother and thus further decreased production of milk.

Every mother should get 6 months leave for child birth and breast feeding. Baby should be exclusively breast fed and no need to give any prelacteal/paralacteal feed or even water during first six months.

At 10 days of life baby should regain his birth weight. Poor weight gain may be an indicator of not getting enough breast milk and immediate consultation with doctor is needed.

Feeding should be on demand and most babies are satisfied with feeds taken every two to three hours. The mother should sit comfortably with baby’s head slightly raised and supported on her elbow. Good latching is also very important along with the good positioning. Baby should be not allowed to suck merely the nipple but he must grasp the areola also. Baby should be allowed to suck at least 15-20 minutes at each breast and one breast must be emptied completely before the baby is put on another breast. The adequacy of feeds can be judged by frequency of urine(6 or more times a day),baby sleeps well after feed and weight gain is proper i.e. about 30 gram/day.

During first few weeks’ babies need to be fed round the clock and there after the night feeds can be gradually decreased to once or twice per night.

Proper burping after each feed is must to avoid regurgitation. The babies feel uncomfortable till they eructate out the swallowed air.


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