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Skin care of babies

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Care of skin of newborn babies


Why it is more important

1)     The ratio of total body surface area to weight of baby is 5-7 times more than adult.

2)     The skin of new born is 20-30% thinner than the adult skin.

3)     New born skin is less hydrated.

In order to reduce the morbidity associated with immature skin, optimum care is essential.

When to bath and what care should be taken while bathing

There is very much confusion regarding the bath of baby. As per WHO guidelines a term newborn baby should be given first bath after 6 hours of delivery while in babies with less than 2.5 kg weight the bath should only sponge bath should be given till the weight crosses 2.5 kg.

It has also been seen that NO BATH regimen during hospital stay of baby reduces the incidence of bacterial infection.

Routine bathing of babies does not cause any harm. Depending on the environmental temperature bathing can be given daily or once in a week.

Proper care is needed while giving bath

It should be given in a warm room.

Check the temperature of water before giving bath. Temperature of water should be not very hot/cold. It should be close to body temperature i.e. about 37 centigrade.

In case of tub bath the height of water should be up to hip of the baby.

Bath should be given for short duration i.e. less than 5 minutes.

Wipe off the skin gently and wrap the baby in a pre warmed cloth immediately to avoid hypothermia.



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