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Beat the heat to take care of your baby

Article by Dr.Pradeep Jain

Experience : 13 Years

Qualification : M.B.B.S.& M.D.

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I have noticed a sudden surge in cases of heat exhaustion in my OPD during last few days. Children are more prone to the effect of high temperature and they easily get stressed because of delicate skin, less ability to control their body temperature and because of body surface area.

This article will provide you some information to take care of your babies in this warm weather.

1)     Avoid taking your babies out during hottest part of the day (11 am to 5 pm). If you have to go out, protect the baby from direct exposure of sun by keeping them in shade or covering their body with loose cloths and hat.

2)     Give them plenty of fluids. In case of breast fed babies, mothers are advised to take plenty of fluids and feed their babies more frequently. As major part of breast milk is made up of water there is no need to give water from outside to the babies below 6 months of age who are on breast feeds. Give more fluids to the older babies, water is the best. Avoid giving sugar syrups, carbonated drinks or packaged juices. Give cold milk, homemade shakes and juicy fruits.

3)     Use loose cotton cloths to wear.

4)     In case you notice fever, sponge the baby with normal tap water (donít use cold/ice water).

5)     Choose the coolest room of your house and keep the baby in that room only.

6)     Use damp cloths or wet towels to place around the bassinette or cot to keep the surrounding area cool. If you are using fan, donít face it towards the baby rather use it in swing mode to keep the air in circulation. If you have air conditioner, maintain the temperature around 26-28 centigrade.

7)     Never leave your baby alone in a car even for a minute or even when the air conditioner is on.

8)     Watch for these danger signs like poor feeding, decreased frequency of urine, dry tongue/skin or sunken eyes, raised temperature, excessive irritability or lethargy. If you notice any of these warning sign please consult your pediatrician immediately.


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