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Ear wax - Truth and myth

Article by Dr.Rupesh Kumar Singh

Experience : 13 Years

Qualification : M.B.B.S.& M.S.

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Special care is needed to keep ear healthy as it is a very delicate part of body. The first thing you should start with is to avoid the insertion of anything like cotton tip applicator, bobby pin, other sharp pointed objects or twisted napkin corners into the ears.

Earwax –The facts

Ear canal produces earwax to protect the ears. It helps to keep out the dirt and bacteria naturally by movement of jaw and small hairs in the ear canal. So actually earwax is good thing. Most of the people never need to clean the ears. Only when the production of ear wax is very high it may cause discomfort.

What to do and don’t

The best way to clean your ear is by consulting an ENT specialist. Even if you want to clean it yourself, use a wet cloth to clean the outer part of ear. Avoid use of cotton swab as it may push the wax deeper and lead to impaction. Inserting other sharp objects may cause damage to the delicate skin of ear canal or ear drum also.

 Impaction may cause aching, fullness, impaired hearing or itching. You may try putting few drops of wax softener like baby oil, glycerin or medicated drops. But it is always better to consult a doctor as the impacted wax may need to be removed by forceps or sometimes irrigation/suction.


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