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Why you have bad morning breath

Article by Dr.Shrishti jain

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Qualification : B.D.S

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Have you ever think of why you have bad breath in the morning after a night of sleep. It is not a disease and everyone has bad morning breath to some extent.

This is due to drying out of mouth, which leads to proliferation of odor producing bacteria. This drying out is more during night time as the saliva production gets decreased and it gets further aggravated if you snore or breath through open mouth during sleep. Smoking, consumption of some medications or food before going to bed can also cause bad morning breath.

How one can avoid bad morning breath:-

Brush your teeth before going to bed. It helps in cleaning of food particles which promotes growth of odor producing bacteria. It has been found that tongue is the most common site where these bacteria grow. So don’t miss cleaning of tongue also. Proper rinsing of mouth at least 10 seconds in each direction is must to remove the residual food particles. After doing all “Don’t eat or drink anything and go directly to bed”.

Just follow these simple measures and see how fresh you feel in the morning.���� %


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